Kim Heintz is a rare gem.

She operates with the highest integrity, is a fantastic communicator and goes above and beyond to deliver professional results. Kim has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  

The online world can be overwhelming, and finding someone amazing, that isn’t going to take your money and run, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  

I am SO glad the stars aligned and I found Kim. In a very short time she took me from overwhelmed to over the moon and set me up for online success. 

-Katie Brauer, Personal Transformation Expert  

There are no words for the amount of love and absolute gratitude I have for Kim.

She has the uncanny ability to take my blurry ideas and turn them into a magnificent reality. She knows even better than me what I want, how best to create my membership sites, and ensures I am thrilled with everything before her job completes.  

She not only meets my expectations, she exceeds them - every single time. If you have a chance to work with Kim - I say take it while you still can!!

- Jennifer Jayde - Soul Power Coach, International Best-Selling Author and Speaker for Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

Working with Kim has been life changing! 

And is as simple and as deep as that! Her brilliant programs provided me the structure I needed to move forward in my business and 'get out there'! She makes 'tech' easy! :) 

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to launch your business and build your online structures, an epic teacher that does not hold back and the best cheerleader you can ask for? Kim Heintz is your coach! I could have not done this without your support, guidance and encouragement, Kim!

- Nicole Borges, Coach for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Working with Kim truly gave me the clarity, support and direction I needed to take epic action in my business. 

Kim was always available to answer to any question big or small. She gave great insight and perspective. She was able to help me through several mental blocks with genuine care and concern and convicted me when necessary! 

Kim is fantastic with the technology support but really is a life coach. She understands that to be successful in a business there is more than just the technology and she will help get you where you need to be and beyond!

- Ashley Baldwin, Health & Happiness Coach  

If you’re looking to hire an internet ninja HIRE KIM - NOW.

Kim has helped me out of binds in unbelievable speed, helped me with other tech areas that I had no clue about, and has been crucial to the success of my business. I consider Kim to be an absolute gem in the world and look forward to a long working relationship with her.

- Jacquelyn Mitchell, Career + Health Coach  

Thank you, Kim!

When I approached Kim, my first statement was "please help me slay these tech dragons"! Technology frazzled me and I literally would pull out my hair whenever I thought of sales funnels, websites and all the tech stuff I needed to help grow my business, I realised that I was leaving ALOT of money on the table due to lack of structure, systems and processes and I desperately needed help. 

Kim came in at the right time and she helped me understand that technology is my friend and not my foe. She held me accountable and was very accessible throughout the time we worked together. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to anybody who needs full-on coaching and accountability! Thank you Kim for helping me slay those techie dragons!

- Joanne Muturi, Life Makeover Coach